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Tel: 07922-126154

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Introduction to Boat Fishing with Anglian Water
You and a fishing partner can now spend 2½ hours with a qualified fishing instructor, and learn how to handle and fish from an Anglian Water outboard fishing boat.

Start at 10am from Rutland Water (Tel:01780 686441), Grafham Water (Tel: 01480 810531) or Pitsford (Tel: 01604 781350).

Cost £45.00 each angler, based on two anglers sharing the boat.

After the instructor has left, you can continue fishing for the rest of the day and put into practice all that you have learnt. Eight fish limit.

If you do not have a fishing partner, we can try and find you one of a similar standard. How 'Boating' things have changed since the Victorian times, as shown in the print to your left! Learn to handle and fish from a boat correctly. Improve your catch rate and your enjoyment.

All bookings are made via the lodge, so please contact the fishing lodges at the above 3 waters for more details and dates. For any more information or questions relating to any of our courses, please use our eForm by clicking here or telephone Peter directly on 07922-126154.

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The AW Boat syllabus covers ...

1) Fishing Equipment, Engine, Boat Equipment, Boat Seats, Throttle, Oars, Other Water Users, Choke and Anchor.

2) Structures on Water: Buoys, Towers, etc, Pull Cord and Drogue.

3)Sun Block / Glasses / Water, Gears and Bilge Pump.

4) Weather, Thunder, Lightning and Wind, Steering, Rowlocks, Alcohol, Kill Cord and Bailer.

5) Clothing/Boots, Fishing Tactics and Rudder Fishing (Rutland & Pitsford only)

Rutland Water - 2018 Course Dates
Monday 30/4
Tuesday 15/05
Thursday 31/05
Thursday 07/06
Monday 25/06
Friday 06/07
Thursday 12/07
Wednesday 18/07
Wednesday 01/08

Grafham Water - 2018 Course Dates
Tuesday 31/04
Monday 14/05
Monday 28/05
Tuesday 05/06
Tuesday 12/06
Tuesday 03/07
Wednesday 25/07
Tuesday 07/08

Pitsford Water - 2018 Course Dates
Wednesday 02/04
Thursday 17/05
Tuesday 29/05
Wednesday 06/06
Tuesday 26/06
Monday 02/07
Wednesday 11/07
Tuesday 24/07

Safe Start - AW Boat Safety Video - Part 1

Safe Start - AW Boat Safety Video - Part 2 - Basic Watercraft