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2022 Beginners Fly Fishing Course Dates and AW Boat Handling Course Dates are now available ... for more information please see below on this page ...

Game - Beginners Fly Fishing and Improvers Days 2022

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If you want to start fly fishing or are already on your way, our fly fishing courses will help you get to grips with the basics. The courses are run throughout the year, on weekdays and at weekends.

Experienced and qualified Angling Trust instructors offer a full day’s tuition and cover the skills and tactics which the beginner needs to learn. 

All equipment and licences are provided. If you have your own tackle, please bring it. We can assess its suitability for reservoir fishing. We will discuss, demonstrate and teach you:

Tying Knots and Leaders
Fly selection and Fly-tying
Tackle selection
Basic fishing techniques

We will cover all this in the morning and spend the afternoon putting your newly acquired knowledge into practise. The cost including refreshments and a light lunch is £tba for an adult, £tba for juniors (14 to 17 years). Find a suitable date and then book a course by calling the fishing lodge at your chosen venue. There will be a maximum of six students on any course. On completing the course you will be entitled to buy a Starter Season Permit – an offer only available to our students. The cost for the AW Boat Tuition course is £tba, based on two anglers sharing the boat. To see more about AW Boat Tuition, please click here.

The courses will be available at Rutland, Grafham and Pitsford waters, with the day starting at 10.00am. To book on one of these very popular courses, please call the fishing lodge of your preferred venue, Rutland Water on 01780 686441 or Grafham Water on 01480 810531 or Pitsford on 01604 781350.

Rutland Water

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March 2022
Saurday 12th March
Saturday 19th March
Thursday 24th March

April 2022
Saturday 9th April
Saturday 16th April
Tuesday 19th April - (Boat Handling Course)
Thursday 21st April
Saturday 23rd April
Monday 25th April - (Boat Handling Course)

May 2022
Wednesday 4th May - (Boat Handling Course)
Saturday 7th May
Tuesday 17th May - (Boat Handling Course)
Thursday 19th May
Wednesday 25th May - (Boat Handling Course)
Sunday 29th May

June 2022
Saturday 4th June
Tuesday 7th June - (Boat Handling Course)
Saturday 11th June
Wednesday 15th June - (Boat Handling Course)
Sunday 19th June
Monday 20th June - (Boat Handling Course)
Wednesday 22nd June

Monday 27th June - (Boat Handling Course)

July 2022
Saturday 2nd June
Tuesday 5th July - (Boat Handling Course)
Saturday 9th July
Tuesday 12th July
Monday 18th July - (Boat Handling Course)
Sunday 24th July
Saturday 30th July

August 2022
Monday 1st August - (Boat Handling Course)
Monday 8th August - (Boat Handling Course)
Sunday 14th August
Tues  day 22nd August - (Boat Handling Course)
Saturday 27th August

September 2022
Friday 2nd September
Sunday 4th September
Tuesday 6th September - (Boat Handling Course)
Saturday 10th September
Tuesday 13th September - (Boat Handling Course)
Sunday 18th September
Wednesday 21st September
Monday 26th September - (Boat Handling Course)

October 2022
Sunday 2nd October
Friday 8th October
Wednesday 12th October - (Boat Handling Course)
Saturday 15th October
Tuesday 18th October - (Boat Handling Course)
Sunday 23rd October
Monday 24th October - (Boat Handling Course)
Wednesday 26th October

November 2022
Tuesday 1st November - (Boat Handling Course)
Saturday 5th November
Monday 7th November - (Boat Handling Course)
Saturday 19th

December 2022
Sunday 4th December

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Grafham Water

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March 2022
Saturday 5th March
Sunday 13th March
Friday 18th March
Wednesday 23rd March

April 2022
Saturday 2nd April
Sunday 10th April
Wednesday 13th April
Monday 18th April - (Boat Handling Course)
Sunday 24th April
Tuesday 26th April - (Boat Handling Course)

May 2022
Sunday 1st May
Tuesday 3rd May - (Boat Handling Course)
Sunday 8th May
Monday 16th May - (Boat Handling Course)
Saturday 21st May
Monday 23rd May - (Boat Handling Course)

June 2022
Sunday 5th June
Monday 6th June - (Boat Handling Course)
Friday 10th June
Tuesday 14th June - (Boat Handling Course)
Saturday 18th June
Tuesday 21st June - (Boat Handling Course)
Wednesday 22nd June
Wednesday 29th June - (Boat Handling Course)

July 2022
Sunday 3rd July
Wednesday 6th July - (Boat Handling Course)
Friday 8th July
Thursday 14th July
Sunday 31st July

August 2022
Tuesday 2nd August - (Boat Handling Course)
Sunday 7th August
Tuesday 9th August - (Boat Handling Course)
Saturday 13th August
Monday 23rd August - (Boat Handling Course)
Sunday 28th August

September 2022
Saturday 3rd September
Monday 5th September - (Boat Handling Course)
Sunday 11th September
Monday 12th September - (Boat Handling Course)
Friday 16th September
Thursday 22nd September
Tuesday 27th September - (Boat Handling Course)
Friday 30th September

October 2022
Sunday 9th October
Monday 10th October - (Boat Handling Course)
Thursday 13th October
Monday 17th October - (Boat Handling Course)
Saturday 22nd October
Tuesday 25th October - (Boat Handling Course)
Saturday 29th October

November 2022
Wednesday 2nd November - (Boat Handling Course)
Friday 4th November
Tuesday 8th November - (Boat Handling Course)
Saturday 12th November

December 2022
Saturday 3rd December

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Pitsford Water

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February 2022
Sunday 27th February

March 2022

Sunday 6th March
Sunday 20th March

April 2022
Friday 1st April
Sunday 3rd April
Saturday 30th April

May 2022
Friday 6th May
Saturday 28th May

June 2022
Thursday 9th June
Thursday 16th June
Friday 24th June

July 2022
Sunday 10th July
Friday 15th July
Saturday 23rd July
Friday 29th July

August 2022

Saturday 6th August
Thursday 11th August
Friday 26th August

September 2022
Thursday 8th September
Saturday 17th September
Thursday 29th September

October 2022
Saturday 8th October
Friday 28th October

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